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Providing clients and customers with unmatched customer service and safety.

The Alliance Service Group is a portfolio of effective services that contribute to a better customer experience and enhanced CSI of your dealership. By combining resources across multiple business sectors, ASG seeks out the most cost-effective solutions and passes those savings directly to our clients.

Targeting the dealership positions with historically high turnover, we take the hassle out of running a service drive and let your employees focus on what they do best, sell and service!

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Automotive Service Valet

Maximize your RO’s through superior customer service


Meet, guide, and assist customers on the service drive. You may also drive and porter vehicles as required.

Service Goals:

When a customer arrives at a dealership, the experience begins. Imagine being greeted with a smiling face and warm greeting everytime you arrived at the dealership. Gone would be the days of sitting in lines, waiting aimlessly for someone to make eye contact with you. When your customers come to a service drive managed by ASG, they experience a new definition of dealership efficiency. By making your customers higher, your reviews and CSI improve.

Automotive Detailer

Provide the industry’s best cleaning, buffing, ceramics and car detail services


Clean, buff, and provide minor cosmetic repairs to customer vehicles on the service drive.

Service Goals:

Ideal for detailers with or without experience, ASG offers cutting edge training courses to bring all details up to our standard. Automotive detailers will vaccum and clean inside customer vehicles. They can also be responsible for washing, waxing, and buffing ceramic coatings as required.

Valet Supervisor

Design and maintain the dealership’s service drive experience


Lead and support the service drive’s success

Service Goals:

Help manage, design and lead team members on the service drive. Valet supervisors will manage various groups such as service valets, car wash attendants, porters, and detailers. Supporting operations as needed, valet supervisors will also provide service valet functions as needed and help resolve customer escalations and insurance claims.

Sales Porter

Support dealership operations with valet, sanitation, and safety


Contribute to the dealership’s success through a wide variety of operational roles such as transporting vehicles, assisting service advisors, and delivering vehicles to customers.

Service Goals:

Focused on safety and customer service, the sales porter will facilitate more inclusive dealership functions such as moving cars to the show room floor, janitorial work, automotive parks and delivery and even loaner fleet operations. There are multiple types of automotive porters so be sure to talk to your recruiter before deciding on a specific role.

Shuttle Driver

Provide pick-up and drop-off services to dealership customers


Guarantee passenger safety while providing world-class customer shuttle services

Service Goals:

Pick-up and drop-off customers for sales visits, service appointments, and routine maintenance. Concierge services may also be required depending on the dealership. Shuttle drivers may also require a higher driver’s licenses certification for multi-passenger vehicles and ASG safety training courses.

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